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     Thanks Dale and Marian, So many to choose from! We’re going to need some time to make our selections and will probably wait until we’re home for the decision making. Even Finley looks surprisingly good considering that she refused to take a shower and had catshup in her hair! The two of you did an excellent job handling her two year old tantrum. Thanks for a job well done.

 Thanks mucho, Gail

puerto - vallarta - photographer - photography - families - couples - engagement - children - pets - quinceanera

Wow! Holy Smokes! We didn't know we looked that good!

Cliff and Rosemary

photography - photographer - families - puerto - vallarta

     Our vacation photos turned out absolutely amazing! We really appreciate you capturing our family on such short notice! We will let you know if we ever make it back to the area again! Thanks so much!

The Brim Family

Photographer - Photography - Photographers - Puerto - Vallarta - Mexico - Families - Children - Couples  - Real Estate - Ocean - Beach - Sunset

     Loved working with Dale. His lighting on his portraits is down right amazing. He did an amazing job working with our family and took a wide variety of poses.  His wife, Marian, was a great help in helping with the poses and getting everyone to smile.  We never felt rushed or hurried.   I would highly recommend Artistic Photography by Dale to anyone.

The Hansen Family

Family Photography in Puerto Vallarta

The best photographer on earth!

Monse and Ricky

Photographer - Photography - Photographers - Puerto - Vallarta - Mexico - Families - Children - Couples  - Real Estate - Ocean - Beach - Sunset

    Dale is such an excellent photographer. He captures moments in such an artistic way. The quality is excellent and it is fun working with him. He has taken Wedding, High School Senior pictures and family portraits for our family. I am so pleased with his work. Everyone comments on what great pictures they are. The poses are outstanding. and he chooses backgrounds that work for every occasion. We love all the pictures and memories he has captured for our family. I highly recommend him. You will love his work.

Christopher Haynie

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   I have known Dale and Marian Hansen, the owners of Artistic Photography in Puerto Vallarta, for many years, and have enjoyed utilizing their photographic services on many occasions. They are thoroughly professional in their approach to their work and very creative and artistic as well. I have always been very pleased with the results and would recommend them highly to anyone desiring excellent photography in Puerto Vallarta for any occasion.

 Gary Foster – Puerto Vallarta and Oregon

Photography Puerto Vallarta

     Dale's work is outstanding. This guy is one of the best pro's in the biz. You won't be disappointed when you see the result. Highly and enthusiastically recommended.

Del Still

Puerto Vallarta Photography

     My family loved working with Dale and Marian and they took such beautiful pictures!! Dale truly captured the personalities of all my children and had such patience with all the babies. I cant believe that he got such great shots with all 13 people smiling which is not an easy not an easy task! They were such a pleasure to work and I can't thank them enough. I would highly recommend them and look forward to using them again in the future!

Cindy Simon

photography - photographer - puerto - vallarta

     Thanks for the wonderful photography.  I never knew a photography sitting could be so much fun.   

Photographer - Photographers - Photography - Puerto - Vallarta - Mexico - Families

Thank you, Dale!

Your diversity and inclusivity speaks volumes about your art and business practices! We are grateful for that! We have already started to share your information with friends who will be making their way down to PV and we will certainly be in touch again for more pictures!

Thanks again! Brandon

     Dale has been fortunate to have his photographs published in several magazines and periodicals. His favorites were the cover of the PV Mirror,  the cover and inside photographs in the Professional Photographer Storytellers magazine, and The National Autobahn Magazine.He  has also won many awards from various local and national competitions.  Of these, his  three Kodak Gallery Awards are his  favorite.  His photographs have been exhibited three times at Walt Disney Worlds Epcot in Orlando, Florida.

Cover of PV Mirror

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Cover of Professional Photographers of Americca

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National Audubon Magazine

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     Dale recently photographed my three grandchildren and, as a result, I have pictures expressing how cute, serious, thoughtful and amusing they can be. It is amazing how well he was able to capture each one of the children in their individual poses and in family groups. He calls his work "Artistic Photography" ; I agree completely. I will treasure these photos forever.

Jacqueline Bowering

     Artistic Photography has been our family photographer for many years. They photograph every family and wedding in our current and now extended families. They always do a fantastic job and deliver a beautiful product at a reasonable price. They are easy to work with and take whatever time is necessary to create beautiful photographs. I enthusiastically recommend Artistic Photography.

Marian Miller

      Dale is one of the best photographers in the business. The photography that he has done for my family was incredible. His skill and many years of expertise come through in every portrait he has done for us. We are very glad we used Dale for our photography work because the pictures are always perfect.

Roger Cooke

Photographer - Photography - Puerto - Vallarta

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