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Photography in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

     We are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the winter months and Kansas City, Missouri the rest of the year. We have almost 50 years of Professional Photography experience in photographing people, places, and things. I earned my Bachelors of Professional Arts Degree in Photography and later earned the Professional Photographers of America degree of Master of Photography. I have been awarded three Kodak Gallery Awards and have had my work displayed at Epcot, in Disney World, Three times. We owned and operated several studios in the Salt Lake area before deciding to sell our businesses and slow down a bit. We moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the year 2002. Here we set up a web based photography business where Mother Nature became our studio. Photography in Puerto Vallarta is amazing. There are so many romantic beaches and beautiful architecture to work with. Artistic Photography by Dale loves doing photography in Puerto Vallarta, and we want to be your Puerto Vallarta photographer.

Great Photographs Are Created Six Inches Behind The Lens

Artistic Photography by Dale

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