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Two Bedroom - Two Bathroom

Bay View Grand Condo

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Additional Information

     One week

     We offer a 20% discount for all rentals of 28+ days
      Larger discounts are available for 3 to 6 months rentals from May through October.  Please contact us for a quote. 

     Minimum age to rent is 25
     No Pets 
     No Smoking! (Please do not rent our home if you smoke)   

     Weekly - No charge for the first 200kWh per week. 
    Long Term (28 + days)  Guests are responsible for all electricity charges. Meter will be read at the time of arrival and departure. Any overage will be taken out of the security deposit.  Guests staying for multiple months are required to pay electrical charges at the end of each month.

All of our lighting is LED. You can plan on around $20.00 per month if the Air Conditioner is not used. Our range, oven, clothes dryer, and water heater are all gas. Gas and water are included with every rental.


Bay View Grand

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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