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Welcome family to the Bear Lake calendar.  Every year several days go unused because the assigned families are not able to use them.  If there are days, during your assigned week, that are not going to be used, please give other family members a chance to use them.  All changes to the calendar need to go through Dale or your family representative.            

Brown Cabin

Blue Home

Click on either photograph to view the calendar for that property.  Each property has its own calendar. 

If you own in both properties, you can give away time in one property, that is not being used, while maintaining your time in the other property.  

      Make  comments or suggestions about this site or about Bear Lake.  Please keep all comments cordial and friendly.   If you make improvements or repairs we would all like to know.   If something does not work,  let us know so the next family can be prepared.     
      If you have a day or two to give away or wish to pick up an available time slot, just post below and I (Dale) will  personally get it done.  All posts will be removed after 30 days.

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