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About Us

       I earned my Bachelors of Professional Arts Degree in 1968 from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara California. After graduation from Brooks I worked five weeks in Europe doing a travel movie for the International Cultural Exchange Schools. Upon my return, I went to work for Mel Hardman productions in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mel Hardman later sold out to Sun Classic Pictures, a wildlife motion picture company. I continued working for Sun Classic Pictures for a couple of years, before venturing out on my own. 
      Marian and I were married in 1971. Marian instantly became an integral part of my photography endeavors. She has worked by my side during our many amazing adventures. We have owned and operated several Photography Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah: Stylart Studios, The Poster Factory in Trolley Square, the poster factory in the Valley Fair Mall, and Mar Del Photography in Sandy, Utah which we operated for over thirty years. In the year 2000 we sold Mar Del to our son and a good friend. We purchased a Condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and moved there in 2002 where we set up Artistic Photography, a completely web based photographic business. During our marriage, we have toured many countries by land and by sea. 
      I have been fortunate to have many of my photographs published in major periodicals throughout the World including The National Autobahn Magazine, and the cover and inside photographs of the Professional Photographers of America “Storyteller”. I have also won three “Kodak Gallery Awards” which resulted in my photographs being displayed at Epcot, in Disney World, three times.

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