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     One of the favorite sayings while I was earning my Bachelors of Professional Arts degree in Photography was “Great Pictures Are Created Six Inches behind the Lens”. That saying is even truer today, as it seems everyone is a “Professional Photographer.” I recently saw an ad on TV that stated, “If you want to take pictures like a professional, then buy this phone.” That is like saying if you want to be a great Chef then buy this set of cookware. The camera is merely a tool and is no better than the person behind it. While I do use state of the art Cameras and Lenses, I also back them up with over 40 years of education and experience.         
     Since the advent of digital photography many have purchased nice cameras and exclaimed to be “Professional Photographers”. They will take your photographs, your money, and hand you your digital files at the end of the sitting. I wish life was that simple! No Professional Photographer will ever hand you your digital files at the end of the sitting. For every hour I spend behind the camera, creating your precious memories, I will spend at least two hours on the computer fine tuning, tweaking, enhancing and creating the finest finished image possible.
     I am a Professional Photographer and I would be honored to have the privilege of photographing your special event Because Nothing Is Harder To Replace Than Yesterday.

Dale P. HansenBPA, PPA Masters/Certified, APM, AOPA

Portrait Photography in Kansas City

Portrait Photography in Puerto Vallarta

Wedding Photography


     We operated several portrait studios in Utah over a span of 45 years.  We averaged over 200 weddings a year at our main studio in Sandy, Utah. When we retired and moved to Puerto Vallarta in the year 2000 we continued to do Weddings.  They were in our blood.
     We now only photograph one location weddings with a maximum of three hours.  There are folks who like simple Weddings with great photography.  Below is our Wedding package.

  •One location within Puerto Vallarta
  •Up to three hours of photography
  •Photographs of the Wedding, Wedding Party, Family, and Friends as desired
  •Unlimited High Resolution JPG downloads of every photograph taken


For events in Nuevo Vallarta, or Points South of Puerto Vallarta please add an additional $35.00. For all other locations, please contact us for a quotation.

Great Photographs Are Created Six Inches Behind The Lens

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